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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Making It To 64 Years of Age

Now I am 64 years of age. Just before I turned 64 last night I awakened and thought of a wonderful lawyer named Nicholas Humy. At one time in his career he taught at my university-Tulane. He literally saved my life when I had a legal crisis in 1998. He took on an impossible job and worked day and night to save me. He pulled off something that was impossible in the US legal system. Sadly cancer claimed him at age 53 in 2011.
I am very fortunate to have made it to this age. I realize that what one remembers most in life is the people who were kind to them.
Please allow me to go back over 64 years and remember the people who were especially kind to me:

10-1948- Dr Harold Ross who saved my life when I came into the world sick and weak.

6-1953 A US Navy veteran named Butch who saved me from drowning in Dickinson Bayou.

9-1955 Miss Pretty, my first grade teacher.

6-1964 William Alexander who gave me my first job.

6-1970 My dear father who gave me the money to finish college.

3-1978 Monty Heying who loaned me the money to save my house from foreclosure.

4-1981 Paul Tingley and Barbara Broadhurst who saved my neck in South Africa.

6-1984 William Arthur Baldwin who loaned me the money to hire attorney Alvin Horne who saved my life and made legal history.

3-1990 Maria Antonieta Fuentes who spotted some bad people and saved my life.

12-1994 Lois Ann Franco who saved me from a legal disaster.

9-1998 Nicholas Humy along with Joao and Djenane Santos and Lovern Costner who saved my life

10-1999 Bill Seethaler who gave me a great job and a second chance in life.

3-2009 Alan Sherman and Mike Comfort who saved Elena and I from a financial disaster.

These special people are few and far between. Thank you to each and every one of you. I am where I am today because of all of you!!!!
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